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मनरेगा में 2.10 लाख परिवारों को मिला रोजगार

महात्मा गांधी राष्ट्रीय ग्रामीण रोजगार गारंटी योजना के तहत् प्रत्येक पंजीकृत परिवारों को रोजगार उपलब्ध कराने के साथ ही जिले में अनेक उपयोगी स्थायी परिसम्मतियों का निर्माण हुआ है। साथ ही ग्रामीण अंचलों में आवश्यक बुनियादी सुविधाओं के विस्तार के साथ स्वास्थ्य, शिक्षा एवं जीवन स्तर में भी सुधार हुआ है। जिले में विशेषकर महिलाओं एवं अनुसूचित जाति, जनजाति व पिछड़े वर्ग के लोगों को अधिकाधिक रोजगार के अवसर सुलभ कराया गया।

शिक्षाकर्मी 17 को घेरेंगे विधानसभा

शिक्षाकर्मी संघर्ष समिति के संचालक हरीश सिन्हा ने बताया कि सरकार की वादाखिलाफी एवं भेदभाव के कारण शिक्षाकर्मियों में भारी आक्रोश है। जिसके चलते 1 नवम्बर को राज्यउत्सव का बहिष्कार कर पूरे प्रदेश के शिक्षाकर्मियों ने राजधानी रायपुर में महारैली निकालकर शासन को ज्ञापन सौंपा, जिसके परिणाम स्वरूप सभी संघ प्रमुखों के साथ सचिव स्तरीय वार्ता हुई। परंतु हमेशा की तरह वार्ता में केवल खोखला आश्वासन मिला।

State Government keen on linking industry with jobs: Subodh Kumar Singh

The State-level Commerce and Industry Department officers held a review meeting here today. The meeting was presided over by the Department Secretary Mr. Subodh Kumar Singh. He stressed upon the need for establishing industries as per the local district-level needs. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh is of the firm view that employment should be linked with industries. There was a detailed discussions on attracting the investments in Information Technology sector, solar energy, agriculture and forest produce-based industries.

Small industries have better scope of employment: Dr Raman Singh

Chief Minister inaugurates two-day industrial development exhibition

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated the two-day Second National Vendor Development Programme and Industrial Development Exhibition organized at Central College of Engineering and Technology campus in Kabeer Nagar, capital city Raipur. This event has been organized by Central Government's Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Industry (MSME) in association with Chhattisgarh Government's Industry Department.

14 lakh unorganised workers registered


The State Government has taken several steps to protect the interests of the unorganized labour. The State ranks top in implementing welfare schemes for the toiling masses in the entire country. About 14 lakh workers were registered to help them to take advantage of the various welfare schemes launched by the State.Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh had allocated Rs 40 crore budget for the overall development of unorganized labour in the current financial year 2014-15. He had announced opening of Employees State Insurance dispensaries at Siltara, Deepka, Sarangarh and Sejbahar.

For the first time Minimum pension of Rs 1000 to be given under Employees Pension Scheme

CM Dr. Raman Singh felicitation a pensioner while Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Vishnudeo Sai look on

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh felicitated pensioners in the nation-wide pensioner's felicitation programme organized by Employees Provident Fund Association (EPFA) today at capital city Raipur of Chhattisgarh. For the first time under Employees Pension Scheme, Dr. Singh gave away pension cheques of minimum amount Rs 1000 along with shawl and shreephal to the pensioners. Nearly 35 thousand out 65 thousand pensioners in state have been benefited by the hiked amount of minimum pension under Central Government's monthly pension scheme.

Placement Camp in Employment Exchange Office for the first time

Placement Camp in Employment

State Government's Manpower Planning Department organized a Placement Camp at Pandri, Raipur based District Employment Exchange Office, for the first time. It is noteworthy that Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has instructed all the District Employment Exchange Offices to organize such camps so as to ensure direct contact of unemployed youth with the employers, for this will prove helpful to unemployed youth in getting employment and self-employment opportunities as per their qualification.

Rozgar Mela organized in Naxal-affected district for the first time

Youths during registratio drive for Rozgar Mela.

State Government's Manpower Planning Department in association with District Administration has organized a two-day 'Rozgar Mela' in naxal-affected district for the first time, on instructions of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. In this event, Small Industries Organization (Udyog Bharti) is conducting the registration of youngsters for jobs in various trades. On the first day, total 110 candidates were registered for various posts including supervisor, security guard and office staff related jobs.

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