108 Sanjeevani Express transported about 5.24 lakh needy people to hospitals on time

108 Sanjeevani Express

108 Sanjeevani Express service that was initiated by State Government on January 25, 2011 has proved helpful for lakhs of needy people, by providing its timely services. In last two and a half years, Sanjeevani Express saved lived of about 5 lakh 24 thousand 25 needy people by transporting them to hospitals on time. This includes 49,788 cases of road accidents. If Sanjeevani Express service wouldn’t have been available on time, most of these injured victims would have lost their lives. Sanjeevani Express has not only helped people in cases of road accidents, but also during the crucial cases like labour pains, fire mishaps etc.In last two and a half years, Sanjeevani Express has taken about 1 lakh 98 thousand 539 pregnant women to hospitals on time and helped them in safe deliveries.


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