Mungeli Culture


Local dances

Panthi is a dance form where dancers with bent torsos and swinging arms dance, carried away by their devotion. As the rhythm fastens, they perform acrobatics and form human pyramids. Pandwani is a dance form whose Kaplik style is livelier where the narrator actually enacts the scenes and characters.

Raut Nachais is the folk dance of cowherds, which is a traditional folk dance of Yaduvanshis (Clan of Yadu). Soowa Nacha Dancers keep a parrot in a bamboo- pot and form a circle around it. Then performers sing and dance, moving around it with clapping. Karma tribal dance marks the end of the rainy season and the onset of spring season.


Mungeli is a popular attraction for shopping handicraft collections. People from the surrounding villages display their artwork in the form of spectacular showpieces. Local embroidery designs are displayed on the chosen forms of apparel. The city is also popular for its enamel work done on gold and silver jewelry apart from seashell toys as well as lacquered wood and metal bells.