Kamal Vihar Project - Kamal Vihar Yojana, Raipur

Kamal Vihar Yojana

Kamal Vihar Project - Land Acquisition for Housing Project at Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

The Govt. of Chhattisgarh has recently come up with a Project through its Urban development wing named Raipur Development Authority to acquire approx. 2200-2300 acres of precious commercial and residential marked lands to develop a housing project. The land compensations proposed are paltry, the chief points being :-
1) The owner of land has to submit his land (irrespective of whterher it is unutilized or developed) and in place of it receive 35% of the land submitted in the deveolped project.
2) By some hypothetical calculations of present value of the land based on govt records and the perceived value of land after (say 5-6 years) they are not only demanding the land (65% directly goes to the pocket of the project) but the land owner also has to pay upfront the difference in the developed value (after the project is completed) minus his present day contribution.
As an example, a person who is actually holding about 10,000 sq. mtrs of land will have to part with his commercial land worth crores, and instead receive only 35% land in the project, that too only of he pays around 30 lacs to rda.

Please we urge legal experts, ngo's conversant with the laws to help fight the nefarious plans of rda to acquire the precious lands of land owners that include a lot of farmers as well.

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