Jashpur Karma Tribal Dance

Karma Tribal Dance: The Karma Tribal Dance is quite popular among the Gonds, the Baigas and the Uraons. The dance form is integrally associated with the Karma festival that is celebrated sometime around the month of August. The Karma dance is symbolic of the fecundity of Nature that manifests itself in the greenery and fruitfulness that marks the advent of spring. The Karma Tribal dance is a unique dance form where the men and women sometimes dance round a tree. The men lances forward with the resounding beat of the drums and bend low to the ground, whereas the women try to match their steps to keep pace with the rhythm. A group of singer belt out the songs.

There are a number of variants of the Karma Tribal Dance. The dance from has been adopted and personalized by a number of tribes. The Majhwars belonging to the district of Sarguja performs the Karma dance to mark the beginning and the end of the rainy season. The Gonds and the Baigas, belonging to the Mandla and Bilaspur Districts, need to pretext to break into a jig. In some places the Karma Tribal Dance is revved up by the accompaniment of the musical instruments like Thumki, the Payri, the Chhalla and the Jhumki. The Karma Tribal Dance is perhaps the oldest form of dance practiced by the Adivasis of Madhya Pradesh.

 Karma Tribal Dance, Jaspur